Amin Jaffer

Dr Amin Jaffer is a study in suave sophistication. An impressive raconteur, he is the opposite of what one might expect of a serious art historian and advisor. His career has straddled the worlds of academia and commerce, but one of his admirable qualities is how effortless he makes it all seem. While he regards himself as Indian in terms of ethnicity, his birthplace is actually Kigali, Rwanda. The youngest of three children, Amin spent his formative years in Rwanda, Kenya, Belgium, England, Canada and the USA. His first exposure to art was at the age of six when his mother took him to the Louvre and to Versailles. He still has a photograph he took at the time, of the Raft of the Medusa by Géricault. From that early age, Amin knew that art was his calling, a passion that carried over to his university education.

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