Abdulnasser Gharem

The works of Saudi artist Abdulnasser Gharem are always thought-provoking, raising many questions—some clear, others not so much. In his first solo exhibition in London, Gharem presents some of his early works alongside his latest creations. A clear theme resonates from the very beginning. It is in an endless debate of contemporary questions, starting from a single point and continuing, moving from one work to the other with grace and beautiful imagery, drawing you in from the first glance. From his most famous pieces is the series Concrete, in which blocks of different shapes and colors are stamped with words and phrases. The message of each piece in the series is the same: they are borders and boundaries, roadblocks to human dreams and desires, molded by mentalities that do not give space for free minds to make independent choices. This important theme runs throughout Gharem’s work, which makes heavy use of text and calligraphy—but each piece carries its own message and meaning far deeper than the letters written on them.

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