Houria Niati

It takes time to recover from the indignities of colonialism, to exploit its positive aspects, let go of memories of its deleterious side — or not — and blend this shifting cavalcade with celebration of one’s indigenous culture. In the case of Algerian artist Houria Niati, this process has been as complex as for anybody else, with many nuanced layers of heritage to reconcile: start with French colonialism, add Arab/Islamic, and mash it up with the Berber blood of her mother. To add to the mix, Niati has been a member of the diaspora since 1977, when she arrived in London. Since then she has built a global reputation, with numerous exhibitions and musical performances. One of the most important North African contemporary artists, she is being recognized with a major exhibition this autumn celebrating 30 years of London shows. The exhibition will showcase work from throughout her career, from oils and pastels to digital installations.

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