Antik AS Auction

The leading auction house of Turkey, Antik A.S. continues to have record breaking results. In the recent sale, Antik A.S. breaks its own record for the highest amount paid for a Contemporary Turkish work of art; Erol Akyavaş’s monumental “Kabe” painting sold for 1.3 Million Euro with premium and taxes. The record-breaking work will be exhibited in Istanbul Modern Museum during the Akyavas’s “Grand Retrospective” starting at the end of May 2013. Right after selling an Osman Hamdi Bey’s “A Girl arranging Vase of Flowers” painting for a record price of 1.4 million Euros, Antik A.S. now, announces the 277th auction of Classical and Ottoman Art sale in Istanbul which will take place on Sunday April 14th 2013. The sale will bring together and offer an important selection of works of art from the Turkish Artists including impressive works of Sami Yetik, Hikmet Onat, İbrahim Çallı, Şevket Dağ and İzzet Ziya. Ottoman Silverware and glass works are also some of the items that will be offered at the sale.

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