Daraazi FakirsIn the rural areas and towns of Sindh, the Sufi music tradition is a common cultural and social feature associated with the shrines of folk poets and saints. At every dargah or shrine, the Sufi fakirs (singers) are likely to be seen performing the rhythmic and enthralling mystical poetry of poets such as Sachal Sarmast, Mehdi Saen, Gamdil Fakir, Bedil Fakir, Rakhiyal Shah, Budhal Fakir, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Bulleh Shah, Janan Fakir Chann, etc. Significantly, many shrines of the popular Sufi poets have a formal and institutionalised tradition of raagis (singers) who are associated with and perform only for the given shrine. Well-known examples are the Bhitai ja Fakirs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and the Daraazi Fakirs of Sachal Sarmast.

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